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Getting Started on TIME

Getting Started on TIME

What is TIME?

TIME is a marketplace for sharing knowledge through video. Anyone can ask, reply, earn income or split earnings  for charity in a simple way.

Tell me more...

By joining TIME you experience a payment platform that pays you for your time, not the other way around. 

Is it for businesses?

TIME is a payment platform for individuals and businesses.

Is it for Giving

Yes, it is designed in order to be able not just to engage with your community but also to make it easy to raise for Charity, Give, and make an Impact.

Is TIME a social media?

TIME is primarily a payment platform.

In conventional social media you create content or you engage in actions that waste too much of your time, while not being in control of your data or copyrights, and without gaining any direct economic value; TIME works the other way around.

Marketplace: tell me more

Our app works as an inclusive marketplace, where you can create or mitigate your content, connect and engage with your audience, and monetize your time and expertise.

SaaS: Tell me more

On TIME we develop SaaS tools for experts, businesses, charities, agencies, and event organizers that work either in the marketplace or web or as plugins.

Joining Requirements

Joining Requirements

Do I have to apply?



It is an open and inclusive platform. You just have to comply with our Terms and not to engage in Prohibited Activities.

Should I fill up a form?



Even if you want to send a question, no need to fill up any form. TIME offers DM monetization which is activated after the 1st transaction.

Is it free to sign up?



It is free, simple and really easy.

Is it available globally?


It is available in most countries around the world.

Is there a subscription?

No, the marketplace and the app is subscription free.

Do I have to be a creator?

No, although having existing content can help you amplify your profile.

it inclusive and accessible for all.

Marketplace Experience

Marketplace Experience

What topics?

TIME offers a personalized experienced based on your habits and preference selection. For topic preferences, go to the explore screen and tap the ellipsis(ℹ️)

Number under the bolt?

This number indicates how many more questions the expert or business is available to answer, based on their availability, offer and demand.

Question duration?

A video question can not last longer than 1 minute.

Answer duration?

Anything up to 3 minutes.

We recommend to offer the maximum value within the shorter time frame. 

Is the charge higher for prolonged answers?

No. We do not award prolonged answers.​

Even if a video reply is 3 minutes long, the expert will be paid for 1 minute only. If the video response is valuable or longer than 1 minute then the buyer may tip the expert on top of the minute rate.

Do I have to tip?

No. We encourage you to tip only if you feel that you received a valuable answer as a matter of appreciation of the expert's time.

Technical problem?

Please report it as soon as possible and use our TIME Money Back Guarantee.

Unhappy with the answer?

Please keep in mind that you have already used the expert's time. In case you are not happy then you should not interact again. Frequency of interactions is the strongest metric on TIME.

Inappropriate interaction?

Please report it as soon as possible and use our TIME Money Back Guarantee.

Content Control

Content Control

Can I post anything?

Anything, as long as it is not against our Terms and Prohibited Activities, such as sexually explicit content, hateful, spam or any form of prohibited solicitation, including politics & religions.

Do you control the content?

Yes. We control every single asset in order to ensure that there is not any form of prohibited solicitation.

Do you have a reporting policy?


Any report results to an immediate assessment. We may remove any asset from our servers, suspend, ban or delete the account owner. Respectively, we retain the right to suspend a user who reports consecutively in a malicious way against another user who has never violated our Terms. 

Verifications & Data Safety

Verifications & Data Safety

True profiles

Our business model is relied on payments and providing tools and processes that maximize online earnings for experts and businesses. This is why we accept True Profiles, only.

How do you verify a user?

The most reliable option for verifying an expert as the true account owner is through a KYC process, including bank account verification. We will never charge a bank account.

Is a bank account necessary?

If you wish to start earning then we need your bank account in order to authenticate you so you can receive your earnings in.

Is it safe to share my bank account?

Absolutely. Technically, we can never charge a bank account. It is required exclusively for KYC reasons and in order for you to receive your payments in.

Data safety

TIME and our 3rd party payment providers use the highest level of compliance and security protocols.

Learn more

Is there a KYC charge?


We cover these costs.

Delete Account & Associated Data

How to delete my account?

It is really simple. Go to your profile, settings, and choose "Delete account".

Please keep in mind that all of your data will be deleted instantly. 


We do not keep stored any of your data after deletion and we can not retrieve them back.

Delete Account & Assocated Data
Can I delete some or all of my data without deleting my account?


You can manage, edit or delete any of your data by going to your profile screen.

Alternatively, you contact us here.



Sole trader or business

You can register as an individual, sole trader or business, subject to the applicable laws of your jurisdiction. Use your official name as appeared in your bank account.

USA Social Security Number

If you are an expert in the USA, a Social Security Number is a legal requirement in order to start earning online.

UK sole traders

You need to register as an individual in order to start earning. Sole traders in the UK don't need to register in the Companies House.

Swap accounts

We do not support swapping accounts, including swapping an individual account to business and vice versa. You must create a new account.

Which countries do we send payments in?

You can answer questions and earn money if you have a bank account in any of the following countries:

- Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore.

- Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (including Isle of Man & Jersey).

- North America: Canada, USA (including Puerto Rico).

- South America: Brazil, Mexico.

We support payments coming from any country as long as they use any popular card scheme such as VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.

What rate should I choose?

One method to determine your rate is the following:


- What would be your hourly rate? For example: $ 120 / hour which is equal to $ 2 / minute. Alternatively, divide your annual salary by 125,600, and you should get the same result.


- For this example, you could set your rate on TIME a little higher. Sot example $ 4 / minute which means that if you reply to 60 one-minute video replies you would turn $ 240 / hour (minus 20% = your net profit would be 80%).


- The reason that you should consider this method is because it is more profitable for the expert, but it is also personalized, specific and cheap for your follower since they didn't have to book you for a full session.

Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Charges for profile videos

There are no charges for viewing videos under anyone's profile.


At this stage all profile videos are free to view​.

Charges for sending questions

There are no charges, but you will see a "hold" in your account. The hold will be released as a payment only if you receive an answer.

Changing rate per minute

This can happen at any point at the expert's discretion. Nevertheless, a buyer secures the published price at the moment of the question / request.

Net profit for experts

It is 80% per transaction (not including your charity giving - if any).

How and when do I receive my payments?

As soon as you reply to a question then you can see your earnings in your TIME activity screen (there may be few minutes delay to demonstrate it). You receive your earnings in your bank account every 1st of the month.

Are there any other fees?


Net profit is at 80%. We cover all other fees, charges, currency exchange and expenses through the remaining 20%.

Official currency

If you are based in the UK it is £. If you are based in the EU it is Euros. If you are based in the USA or anywhere else in the world it is $.

Price difference during checkout

This can happen if the seller is in a different country from yourself and there is an exchange rate re-calculation at the moment of the purchase. TIME is a global marketplace; for example, an expert may be in the UK and set their rate per minute at £4; if you are in the USA then you will not see £ but $ and there may be a slight difference during the checkout due to the exchange rate re-calculation.

Charities & Trusts

Charities & Trusts

Interactions for charities

You need to contact us in order to authenticate your Charity. At this stage, we can accept a limited number of charities to be listed on TIME.

Can charities post videos?


Marketing My Profile

Marketing My Profile

Can my audience reshare?

They can repost your public video, and you can also permit to repost your monetized answers. In each case the copyrights are always with the creator.

How to get featured?

Contact us.

How can they find my profile on TIME?

Some common ways are:


A. From the explore screen, they can search for your name, videos, hashtags.


B. From having your profile being reshared within or out of the app.


C. From the videos that you post under your profile, and they are free for everyone to view.



What type of videos can I post?

There are three types of videos:


A. Short videos (under 1 minute) that you post under your profile, free for everyone to view. These videos are copyrighted as yours.

B. Video replies (under 3 minutes) to video questions (under 1 minute) that you send in private mode. These are private video replies that can not be downloaded, reshared or used anyhow. Your private video replies are copyrighted as yours.


C. Video replies (under 3 minutes) that you permit to be reshared by your follower for educational purposes. Effectively, your follower is raising extra awareness and distributing content on behalf of you. Your reshared video replies are also copyrighted as yours.

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True Profiles

At TIME we accept true profiles only. Our goal is to enable authentic and positive interactions.

Secure Data

Stay informed about your data and feel confident about your privacy as you engage on TIME.

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