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Tim Cook

​​​President of the Apple
​Multi-Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist

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Tim Cook, in full Timothy D. Cook, (born November 1, 1960, Robertsdale, Alabama, U.S.), American technology executive who was chief executive officer (CEO) of the computer manufacturer Apple Inc., (2011– ).

Cook graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in 1982, and in 1988 he received a master’s in business administration from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He worked for the computer manufacturer International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) from 1982 to 1994, with his final position being director of North American fulfillment. He was subsequently chief operating office of the reseller division at the computer retailer Intelligent Electronics, Inc. (1994–97), and vice president of corporate materials at the computer manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation (1997).

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